An Orphaned Baby Bird Finds His Way Home Thanks To A Gentle Giant

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Rusty the dog is known as the gentle giant and with his recent actions, it is easy to see why. When the dog found an abandoned baby bird in his back yard, Rusty couldn’t leave it alone.

He did what many dogs would not do, he watched over the baby animal. With the help of his owners, Rusty nursed the baby bird back to health. He constantly kept a watchful eye over the tiny animal. They played together and even napped together.

However, the time came where the bird was ready to return to the wild. Rusty said goodbye to his friend, as the bird flew away to start his new life.

But, Rusty has a new friend now. The loving canine’s newest buddy is an adorable rabbit. The dog just has so much love to give! Check out more about Rusty’s story in this video from The Dodo.

You can keep up with all of Rusty’s adorable adventures on his Facebook page.

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