She Broke Her Wing So Badly, They Never Thought She’d Fly Again… Then At 2:44, a MIRACLE!

This pale buzzard, later named Emma, was found after being hit by a car on a road near the Heathrow Airport in London, England. The RSPCA brought her to Wildlife Aid, an animal rescue foundation, who took the bird in to nurse her back to health before attempting to release her back into the wild. Getting hit by a car caused her to have a broken wing, which obviously needed to be fixed and healed properly if she ever wanted to fly in the wild on her own again.

Wildlife Aid kept the bird for a good number of weeks, and their avian specialist, Neil Forbes, gave the bird life-saving surgery. After some time, the pins that they put in her wing, along with the external fixator, were able to be removed. She was finally healed and healthy enough to fly back in the wild. They brought her outside to release her. At first she just stood on the man’s arm, not knowing she could be free. But after a few minutes she spread her wings and flew back into the sky.

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