Watch 12 Rescued Big Cats Play Like Kittens In Adorable Video

Who doesn’t love a silly cat? No matter the size! Check out the top twelve silliest cats from Big Cat Rescue. The sanctuary is located in Tampa, Florida and they do some amazing things for cats, big and small. I think it’s safe to say, they are feline lovers just like we are!

Which silly cat is your favorite? It’s almost impossible to just pick one because they are all absolutely hilarious.

All were overjoyed to play by pouncing and batting at various objects. A large lion had a blast with a yellow tube, while a tiger pounced on a large green ball. Another tiger dragged an old Christmas tree around his enclosure and others destroyed a cardboard house.

Screen Shots: YouTube/Big Cat Rescue

This glimpse into the lives of big cats proves they are just giant kittens that love to play.

Screen Shots: YouTube/Big Cat Rescue

Just imagine if something with the cosmos shifted and you suddenly turned into a cat. Would you climb cabinets, or the fridge? Maybe go a bit batty over some catnip? I hope I wouldn’t care as much about the laser pointer — but who can really say for sure?

Screen Shots: YouTube/Big Cat Rescue

Check out all 12 big cats in the video below.

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