Massive 33-Pound Cat Attracts Attention Everywhere He Goes, And He Loves It!

Mike Wilson and Megan Hanneman have a lot of love in their family. They have a lot of cat, too.

During a visit to the Humane Society of West Michigan earlier in April, the couple found themselves perusing the cats. There were plenty of cute kittens, but it was Bronson, a 3-year old orange male cat that drew their attention.

At 33 pounds, Bronson draws a lot of attention.

This was Bronson’s first appearance. He made us wait for the front.

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According to the Dodo, the pair was powerless to his loveable looks.

“When we first saw him, we were shocked at how big he was,” Wilson told the Dodo. “Neither of us had seen a cat that size before and we thought he was so cute and cuddly, like a large stuffed animal! We immediately went over to gaze at him from outside his room.”

Bronson was named Fat Kat when he first arrived at the shelter. Animal rescue officers brought him there shortly after his owner passed away, and he was left without a home.

“The staff changed his name once they brought him in, but his naming kind of sheds light on how seriously they were taking his obesity,” Wilson said. “Their best guess was that he was fed either too much kibble or was being fed table scraps.”

Bronson had his first vet visit and it went really well. Big thanks to nice folks at Kentwood Cat Clinic. When we adopted Bronson we were told he was 38lbs, but found out through his paperwork that his starting weight was actually 33lbs. They said if we were currently feeding him 513 Calories a day he would stay the same weight and we will have him on a diet of no more than 400 a day. He’s going to have monthly weigh-ins at the clinic so they can make sure he’s losing his weight at the right pace. Since we’re counting his calories, we’re going to be slowly switching him to wet food or pre-packaged raw food. They advised to starting him at 100 calories wet food, and 300 with the dry food he’s been on. Mixed in with a lot of play time!

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According to the Dodo, there were other pets in the house, too. Bronson wasn’t as sociable as his housemates, but he was definitely the largest.

Owing in no small part to his generous size, Bronson made quite the impression on Wilson and Hanneman. They talked about him that night, and the following morning on the way to work.

The couple eventually grew concerned someone else would adopt Bronson. Feeling the feline best belong with them, Wilson and Hanneman returned to the shelter.

“We started feeling like he would be adopted in no time because of how quickly we were drawn to him,” Wilson said. “We returned right when they opened the following day and were so happy to see him again!”

I am the walrus... coo coo ca choo

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Bronson was quickly brought home, thoughnot before a warning about his health. A staff member at the WMHS told Wilson and Hanneman that their new pet Could develop diabetes, heart disease, or even cancerbecause of his weight. He already had trouble keeping himself clean.

“He was quite unkempt and had a lot of dander in his hair, mostly due to him not being able to groom himself because of his size,” Wilson said. “I just wanted to take him home, clean him up and care for him.”

In short order, Bronson needed exercise and a healthy diet.

Can’t figure out what going on with Bronson’s other arm here.

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Wilson and Hanneman have two other cats at home, both which keep their big brother Bronson busy.

He’s since come out of his shell, and though you might not be able to tell, Bronson has slowly begun losing weight.

“His weight loss journey has been going very well and we can already see a change in his shape, where he has a lot more definition in his arms and shoulders,” Wilson told the Dodo. “His front arms used to buckle a little when he jumped down from our couch and now he jumps down without a problem.”

Wilson and Hanneman have built several pieces of cat furniture, which hangs on the walls of their home. Bronson is not agile enough to enjoy them yet, but his parents have faith in his new determination.

For now, there’s just a lot more of Bronson to love, and he is certainly not complaining.

“Everybody that meets him can’t believe how big he is and instantly want to pet him,” Wilson said. “When we first brought him to the vet, everyone took turns coming in our room to meet him until there were like five vets and techs in the room at once. It makes us feel so lucky to have him.”

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