This Extremely Cuddly Ox Is Basically A 1,500-Pound Dog! When He Does THIS, My Heart Melted!

Bhima, an Indian ox, first came to the Sanctuary and Safe Haven for Animals in Manchester, Massachusetts, in the Summer of 2013. But this 1,500-pound ox is not your typical ox; he LOVES to be cuddled with and is so lovable! He seems more like a dog than an ox!

In this adorable video, Gary Yourofsky, an animal rights activist, and another volunteer, took turns petting Bhima, kissing him, and showering him with love. You can tell that he loved every second of it because he nuzzled up on the woman’s chest and even made purring-like sounds; so I guess it’s safe to say that this ox is like a dog AND a kitty. In the video, Yourofsky describes Bhima as a “1,500-pound Basset hound,” which is a perfect description! Bhima is so gentle and adorable. I’m so glad that he gets so much affection at this great sanctuary!

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