The Best Part About Ramen Noodles For These Kittens? The Box!

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Anyone that went through college or maybe just a really tough work (or month) is familiar with Ramen noodles. The noodle packs are cheap, easy to prepare, and it takes a while to get sick of them. However, I bet you didn’t know the best part about Ramen noodles… The box it comes in!! Well, at least according to these kittens anyways.

The adorable, little kitties have a blast playing in their owner’s Ramen box!! Just like little kids, they are more interested in the box than what actually came inside of it, which in this case I think is a good thing. You’re going to want to stick around until you hit the :17 second marker to see a pretty hilarious and surprising addition to the Ramen box party I guarantee you didn’t see before!!

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