Man Saw Dog Stranded On A Busy Highway, Then Risked His Life To Save Her

Veterinary surgeon Ovidiu Rosu, who resides in Bucharest, Romania, noticed a little dog stranded in the middle of a very busy highway.

It was likely that the dog could get hit by a car, so Rosu knew he needed to save her as soon as possible. Without hesitation, he crossed the highway into the center median, trying to get to the pup while cars sped past them.

Of course the dog was nervous, so he had to carefully gain her trust without spooking her into traffic. She was lying down in the road, but as he got closer, the dog stood up. Thankfully, the dog was very sweet and allowed him to approach her. She even walked toward him and allowed him to pet her before picking her up. He then ran back across the street, carrying in her in his arms to safety.

He believes the dog was abandoned on the side of the highway, and got stuck in the middle of it while trying to cross it.

Rosu named the sweet pup Berta, and brought her home with him to care for her until she found a forever home. Luckily, they’ve already found multiple potential adopters for her!

If it weren’t for Rosu, Berta may not have survived that highway! He just happened to be in the right place at the right time.

Watch her rescue in the video below:

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