How To Make A Cool, Refreshing Summertime Treat That Your Pups Will Love: Berry Pawpsicles!

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Summer is here which also means warm weather, beach days, and lots of fun! There are plenty of staple foods that we eat in the summer such as BBQ like hamburgers and hotdogs, many different fruits, ice cream, and much more. But we can’t forget about our furry best friends! Our pups need some refreshing treats too! Here’s one paw-some recipe provided to us by LittleThings that your pups are sure to love: Berry Pawpsicles!

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Ingredients: 1 to 2 cups of blueberries, 1 to 2 cups of plain Greek yogurt, ½ tsp. of honey, sliced strawberries

1. Pulse blueberries in the blender until liquid
2. Pour blended berries into an ice tray (You can find the pawprint trays on Amazon), filling about halfway
3. Freeze blueberry blend for 15 minutes
4. Meanwhile, pulse yogurt and honey in the blender until fully mixed
5. Remove tray from freezer and dollop yogurt mix on top of frozen blueberries
6. Spread yogurt evenly across, and top with a thin slice of strawberry
7. Freeze treats overnight
8. Voila, the treats are finished and you can now serve them to your pup!
Watch the full demonstration in the video below:

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