Bernese Mountain Dog

Originating in Switzerland, the Bernese Mountain Dog is known for his strength, agility and dedication. Used to the cold climate, the Bernese Mountain Dog does well in cooler temperatures and has a long, full coat to protect him from the elements. In the past, this breed worked with drafting and droving jobs in the mountains. Today, the Bernese Mountain Dog is often seen as a beloved family pet.

Those which are still used as working dogs do so as therapy dogs or herding dogs. Bernese Mountain Dogs have coats of various shades, including black, brown and white. This breed is in the large dog category and stands approximately 23 to 27 inches at the shoulder.

As a watch dog, the Bernese Mountain Dog is quite protective, especially in the family setting. He is not overly aggressive with strangers, but will alert his owner when need be. This confident dog is a good companion and responds well in training situations. He does well in larger areas as he needs a good amount of exercise to keep this dog breed content and healthy. Rural settings or suburban homes are ideal.

The owners of Bernese Mountain Dogs must be dedicated when it comes to grooming this breed. The Bernese Mountain Dog has a double coat and the fur is long and thick. Brushing a few times per week is recommended and professional trimming on a regular basis is best to keep the fur manageable. Be advised that this dog sheds quite a bit and grooming to control the shedding is necessary.

Families like to bring Bernese Mountain Dogs into the home as they tend to be close to the family and are loyal like no other. If you want a friendly dog who is a protector as well, the Bernese Mountain Dog may be a good match.

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