Dog’s Human Brings Home A New Kitten. Her Uncertainty Turns Into Everlasting Love And Friendship

Beatrix the Bernese Mountain Dog was once an only dog child. Until one day her human brought home a new kitten sibling named Midge. Just like any other little sibling, Midge was a bit of a nuisance to Beatrix.

Beatrix really just wanted to relax, but all Midge wanted to do was play. Midge would constantly paw at Beatrix but Beatrix wouldn’t pay her any mind. As Midge grew, so did Beatrix’s tolerance. Now that Midge is bigger and older, the two of them are very close sisters and best friends. They have developed a very close bond, despite being different species of animals. Love and friendship definitely knows no species! Beatrix and Midge are proof of that. They are inseparable and love playing together, as well as cuddling and sleeping.

Once upon a time, Beatrix was the only animal in the house, but I bet now she wouldn’t ever want to go back to that. She loves her little kitty sister, and she wouldn’t have it any other way!

You can follow this adorable duo on their Instagram page. And watch them in the video below:

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