Dog Is Minding His Own Business, But When Grandma Comes Over To Visit, He Goes Absolutely Crazy

Growing up, I was always close with my parents but there was just something about the bond I shared with my grandparents that was much different. My parents never spoiled me too much, but my grandparents were a different story. Especially my grandmother. She spoiled my brother and I so much; but isn’t that what grandma’s are for?!

Sometimes the same goes with pets. My dog also loves my grandmother and gets so excited when she comes over. He flocks right to her the second she walks through the door, and he’s attached to her hip until the second she leaves. Maybe it’s because she gives him lots of pets, or maybe it’s because she brings him yummy treats, but either way, grandmas definitely have that magic touch!

Three-year-old Augie, a Bernese mountain dog, definitely agrees! He loves it with his grandma comes to visit. His owner Chantelle says he goes absolutely crazy every time she comes over, and she even has the video to prove it. When grandma walks in the door, Augie is all smiles and tail wags. He jumps all over his grandma and just wants to receive as much love as possible. Grandma is all smiles too, so you can tell how much she loves him back!

Watch for yourself in the video below:

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