This Pup Was On The Streets Covered in Mange, Until Someone Realized His True Beauty…

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Hope For Paws, a non-profit animal rescue organization in Los Angeles, California, received a call about a homeless dog who had been living on the streets his entire life.

He was very afraid of people and wouldn’t let anyone near him. They finally cornered him and got a hold of him; at first he was yelping and visibly frightened, but after a few minutes they were able to pet him and gain his trust. They decided to name him Benji!

He was very dirty and extremely matted, so they shaved him down and gave him a much-needed bath. After they shaved his face, you could see all of the bugs and fleas that were crawling all over it. After he was clean, they gave him so much affection; it was probably the first time he’s felt love in his life!

He went home with a foster and met two new doggy pals who really helped Benji break out of his shell. He got to play like a normal dog, and roll around on a bed, feeling warmth for the first time.

A couple months later, Benji received the best news ever. A family came along that understood Benji’s special needs, and he was adopted immediately.

Credit: PAL Rescue

Credit: PAL Rescue

Congratulations to Benji! This goes to show that with showing a little bit of love, anything is possible!

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