This Bengal Kitten Loves Her Big Labrador Brother. Oh, And Just Wait Til’ She Meows!

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Most siblings share a special bond and it’s always great to see them getting along. But sometimes you don’t always have to share the same mother to be considered siblings. For example, I had four step-brothers and one step-sister who have a different mom than me, but I still consider them all my siblings. Well that’s the case for these two cuties, except they aren’t even the same species!

This bengal kitten loves his big brother, a black Labrador. And the dog loves him back! From chilling out on the dog’s back and kneading him, to lying in the pups arms, this kitten always has to be close to the pup. He’s very attached to him, and it’s the sweetest sight to see! Take a look at their adorable relationship in the video below:

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