Need Some Awwww? A Tiny Yellow-Bellied Glider (And Her Mama!) Are Rescued. YAY!

I’ve seen LOADS of cute in my line of work but this little one just stole the show! And my heart! This baby yellow-bellied glider, and her mama, were found stuck on a barbed wire fence. Luckily, help was nearby and they were saved. HOW AWESOME IS THAT? They’re being well cared for until they are ready to go back to the wild. Doesn’t that just make you want to say “hooray?”

Here’s some pawsome facts about Yellow-Bellied Gliders:

  • These adorable creatures are found in the woodlands of eastern Australia
  • They are marsupials and grow to be about the same size as a rabbit
  • Yellow-bellied gliders are extremely vocal and spend much of their time chatting with each other
  • Their diet consists of insects, pollen, fruits and tree sap

Yellow-bellied gliders are so cute, you may just be tempted to jump through your screen and give this little one a great big smooch. I’m so happy they are safe! And can be together. High five to those rescuers!

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