Daredevil Dog Tours The Country, Showing Off Her Awesome Tightrope Tricks

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Bella, a seven-year-old Boston terrier from London in Ontario, Canada, is one talented pup! Known as the daredevil dog, Bella can walk a tightrope that’s five feet high, nearly four times her height!

While many dogs struggle with simple commands like sit and stay, Bella performs her amazing tricks in front of thousands of people. She learned her tightrope trick three years ago with the help of her human, Melissa Millett.

Millett turned her dog training school into a doggie stunt show, and has been working with Bella to perfect all of her tricks. Millett’s stunts were inspired by a book of circus tricks from the 1900s.

Millett and Bella tour around Canada with “Ultimutts,” who perform nearly 200 times a year with Bella as the star of the show. Watch her paw-some tightrope tricks in the video below. I can’t even do that! That’s one talented pup!

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