He Had To Put His Beloved Dog Down. Then He Drove 3,200 Miles To Rescue His New Best Friend!

Travis Littleton, 29, of Seattle, Washington, saw a Pit Bull on Instagram and fell in love at first sight. The three-year-old dog, named Bella, was at Palm Beach County Animal Care and Control in West Palm Beach, Florida, more than 3,200 miles away from Littleton.

But the distance did not make Littleton want Bella any less. Bella reminded Littleton of his late dog, who he recently had to put down. When he looked at Bella, his heart melted. With that feeling in mind, he decided to take the 48-hour trek to Florida to rescue Bella.

When Littleton first arrived at the shelter, he and Bella had a heart-warming first meeting. She jumped up on him, wagged her tail a mile a minute, and give him lots of kisses. It was like she had known him all along. It was definitely meant to be!

“Pit bulls get a bad rap…they look rough, so she’s kind of like me,” Littleton told ABC News. “I look rough but I’m just a softie. And so is she. I couldn’t be happier.”

And we couldn’t be any happier either. Now Bella can grow up in a loving home instead of a shelter. Thank goodness there are still kind-hearted people out there like Littleton!

Watch more of their story and their first meeting in the video below:

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