Belgian Sheepdog

The longhaired Belgian Sheepdog exudes both beauty and strength and is also a courageous and loyal dog breed. In the past, the Belgian Sheepdog was a hardworking military dog. Today, the Belgian Sheepdog still serves many roles, including sheepherder, livestock guardian, search and rescue dog, guide dog, therapy dog and more. In tracking, obedience and herding categories, the Belgian Sheepdog is known as a fierce competitor.

Most Belgian Sheepdogs are black in color, but may have some white tones mixed in. The Belgian Sheepdog is a large size dog and stands around 22 to 26 inches at the shoulder.

Since the Belgian Sheepdog is a working dog at heart, he needs daily duties to stay happy. The Belgian Sheepdog will also need daily exercise to keep his strength at optimum levels. Since this is a large breed, the Belgian Sheepdog is most content in a rural or suburban locale where he has plenty of room to roam.

Those who own a Belgian Sheepdog must be diligent with the grooming aspect. The Belgian Sheepdog has a longhaired coat which can get knotted and tangled if not groomed properly. Therefore, continual brushing along with occasional trips to the groomer is a must.

Belgian Sheepdogs are excellent working dogs, but they fit well within everyday family life as well. Whether you need a Belgian Sheepdog for your business or you want to add the Belgian Sheepdog to your family for companionship, this dog will be a loyal and obedient dog breed to welcome into your work life or home life. Just remember to provide your Belgian Sheepdog with exercise, work to do and a large space to roam and this dog will be as content and as happy as can be.

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