4 Pet Peeves of Veterinarians

We love our pets, and part of being a good parent means taking your fur-babies to the vet on a regular basis. Sadly, our four-legged family members don’t always appreciate their doctor visits!

As it turns out, the vets aren’t always excited to see you either. As any professional who deals with parents on a daily basis can tell you, sometimes the parents just don’t understand what they are doing, and how difficult they make it on the people who are there to help. So, in an effort to make life easier for you, your pets, and your vet, we’re here to offer some behaviors you should try to avoid while in the examination room!

1. You weren’t ready for a pet!


Bringing in a new family member isn’t easy. Sure, in theory it’s not hard. Feed them, water them, pet them, and walk them. Easy, right? Wrong. Every pet has different needs; emotionally, physically, and mentally. People forget to do things like research the food to give them, or find what type of space they need to be happy. Exercise is tough to get up and do sometimes, but every pet needs it, some more than others. And most importantly, learn how to read your pet! Know how they like to be petted, what treats they love, and how they are feeling.

When you aren’t ready to bring an animal into your life, you’ll spend more taking it to the vet, or cleaning up after an unhappy and stressed pet.

2. Stop using the internet to diagnose!


The internet is a great resource, we all know this. However, have you ever gone onto sites like WebMD to look up symptoms? How did your doctor react when you went in to talk about your horrible disease only to be rebuffed? The same goes for our pets.

Instead of trying to look up all the terrible things that could be wrong with your furry friend, pay attention to them. If there is reason to be concerned, take them to your vet right away! Many areas have 24 hour veterinary care available as well. Forget the laptop, and talk to your doctor.



How often do you throw up in a day? Well, if your dog or cat is throwing up numerous times a day, or has severe diarrhea or constipation, don’t make them wait for help! Waiting can be fatal, something no parent wants to be guilty of.

Vets would rather see you come in and leave with a happy animal over a small issue than show up early in the morning with your pet on death’s door. There is no need to risk your furbaby’s health. Ever.

4. You don’t listen!


We know you love your cell phone, and sometimes it’s hard to stop playing Trivia Crack, but do it. When you are in the exam room, listen. Explain the problem, and let the vet do their thing. They aren’t going to give you any information that isn’t important to your loved one, and ignoring the expert is doing all of you a disservice.

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