Bee the Duck Is Keeping Her Feathers Dry with a Cute Yellow Raincoat

The Instagram account motherthemountain is gaining followers and likers who fell in love with the account’s aesthetically pleasing posts. Living a quiet and peaceful life on a farm is a dream for most people. Sisters Julia and Anastasia share their life with farm animals in Australia, and they have been living the dream. Each piece of content they post is Instagram-worthy and will make you seek and appreciate a much simpler life.

Both sisters share their love for nature and farm animals — which are all well-loved and a highlight of the Instagram page. One duck from their farm family is a shining star on Instagram, and her name is Bee. She is a star with her cute little yellow raincoat that keeps her wetproof because of her feather condition. In the video, it showed the process of making a tiny raincoat — from taking Bee’s measurements to stitching it all together. The raincoat definitely suits Bee, and people in the comment section can’t help but gush over its cuteness.

Bee’s video has already gained over six hundred thousand likes and three thousand comments. The comment section became a place of knowledge as people asked further questions about Bee’s feather condition. In the video, there is a text explaining why they had to make a raincoat for Bee. The duck is not able to waterproof herself, which is kind of unusual for a duck. Through the video, people became more well aware of a particular duck feather condition called wet feather.

Duck feathers are supposed to be waterproof. According to a blog article from Fresh Eggs Daily, “Every duck has a preen gland at the base of its tail which produces oil. Each time a duck has access to water in which to swim, he or she will preen their feathers both during the swim and after being in the water. This preening stimulates the oil gland and distributes the oil onto the feathers, making them waterproof.”

After watching Bee’s video, it’s safe to say that a lot of people became even more curious about ducks. Thank you, Mother the Mountain Farm for taking good care of Bee!

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