It’s Bed Time For This Little Boy And He Has The Perfect Companion To Help Him Get Ready!

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It’s bedtime for this little boy named Zander, but thanks for his German Shepherd Baron, he never has to get ready for bed alone!

First Baron helps his little human clean up his toys; he picks them up with his mouth and drops them into the bin. Then they say their prayers together; as Zander kneels down and prays over his bed, Baron sits next to the bed and puts his paw up onto it and faces his head down. Then the pup tucks Zander in by lifting up the covers with his mouth, dragging them up, and placing them over him. Then Baron cuddles up on the bed with him for story time and goodnight kisses. If you thought all of that was amazing, wait until you see what he does last! Baron walks over to the light switch, jumps up, and shuts the light with his paw! This pup is so smart and lovable!

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