Company Creates Bed Frame With Hidden Areas For Cats To Play

Anyone who has ever owned a cat knows that they will often take over our furniture all while happily ignoring the lovely cat-centric furniture that we purchase for them.

I can’t count the number of Christmases that we’ve bought our cats a lovely new bed or a fun new scratching post only to watch them continue to tear at the carpet or the side of the couch and sleep on the dining room table.

And don’t even get me started on sharing a bed with a cat. For as tiny beings as they are, they are quite the bed hogs at night. Who else has experienced the discomfort of hanging onto the edge of your own bed by the corner of the sheet while your loving little feline companion gets their most peaceful night’s sleep spread eagle in the center of the bed?

Well, now it seems that there is a happy solution for cat owners to be able to comfortably share their beds with their cat companions.

The forward-thinkers of the Colombian brand CatLife have just come up with an ingenious invention called the Gatrimonial bed. When you first look at it, there is nothing remarkable that jumps out and screams “cat-friendly” – it just looks like a regular wooden bed frame.

However, upon close inspection, the magic becomes evident when you realize the wooden cutouts at the bottom aren’t just decorative, they’re functional as well – mainly serving the needs of your cat.

If you were to remove the mattress, you’d see that the interior of the bed frame was designed to be an “internal labyrinth” for your cats to enjoy. It has a maze as well as multiple holes through which your cat can enter and exit the bed as it pleases.

This means that you and your cat don’t have to fight for dominion of the bed at night. You can rest and use your bed as you normally would, and your cat can enjoy the unique little feline lair hidden beneath the bed, something that the Catlife designers said was designed and intended to be a “quiet place full of calm and security.”

It’s a win-win for both cats and their owners! How unique is this? For those interested, the Gatrimonial bed can be bought on the CatLife website.

What do you think of this bed? Would you ever get one for you and your cat? Let us know!

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