Emaciated Dog Rescued After Man Abandoned Him For New Girlfriend


Food is one of the most vital needs for shelters and rescue organizations. For many of these groups, after food costs, they have little or nothing left in their budget for medical treatment, vaccines, or adoption programs. That’s why GreaterGood.org’s Rescue Bank is hosting a pet food drive to ship food to shelters and rescue groups across the country-so they can save more animals like Beckham.

When Beckham was five years old, his human met a woman and left him behind. Of course, this not only broke his heart, but Beckham worried about what had happened to his pack leader.

Photo: Saving Death Row Dogs

Is he okay? Is he safe? Does he have enough to eat and drink? Is he warm? These thoughts raced through Beckham’s mind as the scent of his human grew more and more faint. He wouldn’t have left me on purpose, right?

Beckham’s dad abandoned him on the property of his grandma. She did not care for Beckham, nor did she want him. He would scratch at the door wanting inside. Every time she became enraged. He would knock over trash looking for food since she never fed him.

Photos: Saving Death Row Dogs

“His entire world had crumbled,” said the rescue.

When Beckham came to Saving Death Row Dogs rescue, he had been shot with a pellet gun and had several pellets embedded under his skin. He was also extremely emaciated, though so loving and friendly with people even though they
had failed him.

Thanks to the dedication of Saving Death Row Dogs and the high – quality food donated by GreaterGood.org’s Rescue Bank, Beckham was back to a healthy weight in no time. No more knocking over trash cans searching for scraps for this guy!

Photos: Saving Death Row Dogs

Beckham will never know another situation where he goes without these things. He feels this in the love he receives daily, and it warms his heart. Saving Death Row Dogs said, “Due to the number of dogs in our rescue and the fact that we are a nonprofit organization, GreaterGood.org’s Rescue Bank is a godsend. We are able to help dogs like Beckham due to the donated food we receive through Rescue Bank. Thank you for helping us help them!”

Shelter pets around the country need your help to fill their bellies with food. Celebrate National Feed a Rescue Pet Week by purchasing a nourishment packet which includes:

– A donation to ship 100 meals as part of National Feed A Rescue Pet Week via GreaterGood.org’s Rescue Bank program
– Two high-quality stainless steel bowls for a pet’s food and water
– A bag of treats

Our goal is to feed 4 million homeless pets, but we need your help.

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