Little Girl And Her Dog Recreate The Dancing Scene From ‘Beauty And The Beast’

Kids and animals together make for a very cute combination. Spoilers, you may want to get the tissues out for this one because it is just too cute not to tear up a little bit.

3-year-old Emily has had a best friend since the day she was born: the family’s dog named Rudy. All throughout her early childhood, the loyal canine was right by her side.

As Emily’s mother, Kaylee Slobotski, explained to The Dodo, “They are the best of friends.”

Photo: Facebook Kaylee Slobotski

The pair share an incredible bond. However, the other day, they shared the most adorable dance together as they recreated the scene from Emily’s favorite film, “Beauty and the Beast.”

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Posted by Kaylee Slobotski on Sunday, October 27, 2019

Emily’s mother said, “We were watching ‘Beauty and the Beast’ for the 100th time and she wanted to put her costume on to be Belle, and she insisted that Rudy try his [costume], too. She took it from there, and he gave her about 40 seconds of dancing before he was done. It was the sweetest little moment. I couldn’t handle it when she tried to put her head on his shoulder.”

Photo: Facebook / Kaylee Slobotski

The scene was just too sweet.

“My husband and I love seeing her grow up with Rudy by her side!” Kaylee said. “He is the most loving, gentle giant.”

This is probably the sweetest thing that we’ll ever see.

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