This Beautiful Boy Was Rescued In The Nick Of Time! An Absolutely Amazing Story!

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This beautiful Pit Bull, Tyrion, was injured and wandering onto a highway when his soon to be rescuer, Eldad, spotted him. Tyron was in bad shape, but thankfully with the help of two animal control officers, Eldad was able to get Tyrion off the streets and into the safety of his car. Eldad took him to a vet and Tyrion was treated for an infection and tic bites.

From the moment he was rescued to three days later, you can clearly see a positive change in the beautiful pup. Tyrion is healing and he is finally happy once more. All thanks to the kindness of strangers like Eldad. People really should learn about rescues like this one and Tyrion is still looking for a forever home, so please share this and spread the word.

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