The Beauceron is a French herding dog known for his obedient and faithful mannerisms. This hardworking dog will herd from morning until night without ever seeming to tire. This breed is quite popular in France and not seen too often outside of the French borders. Although independent, the Beauceron can be trained and will follow orders properly. This type of herding dog is most popular in the sheep-herding arena.

The Beauceron coat is seen in various colors, including differing shades of tan and black. This dog breed stands approximately 24 to 27 inches high at the shoulder.

As a working dog, the Beauceron enjoys a good job assignment. This breed will work with herds all day and do so with pleasure. With that said, the Beauceron can be a family dog as well, as he is quite protective of his family and loving to no end. Around strangers, however, the Beauceron is a bit guarded and will warm up with individuals once he gets to know them a little better.

When it comes to grooming the Beauceron, it is quite an easy task. This dog has a short coat, which will appreciate a good brushing now and again, but nothing out of the ordinary. A trip to the groomer every so often may be a good idea, but is certainly not a necessity with this easily groomed dog.

If you are looking for an ideal herding dog, the Beauceron is certainly a good bet. With his eager attitude and obedient nature, you are sure to find a hardworking companion in the Beauceron. It is a good idea to ensure that your Beauceron is properly trained in order to get the maximum benefit from this working dog, even if you’re just looking for a companion.

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