Rescue Pit Bull Shows His Appreciation For His New Mom With The Mushiest Kisses!

Beau the Pit Bull didn’t always have such a good life. He was stuck in a shelter and never knew what it felt like to be loved. Thankfully, he was rescued in December of 2016, and his new life is better than he ever imagined!

It’s crazy to think that a dog as loveable as Beau wound up in a shelter. His new mom struck gold when she adopted him, because not only does Beau receive love, but his mom receives even more love in return!

Beau is so affectionate and one of his favorite things to do is snuggle! He also loves giving kisses. A video of him awkwardly kissing his new mom went viral, and once you see it, you’ll know why. Beau lays on top of his mom with his mush on her face. He just lays there without moving a muscle. So relaxed, so derpy!

You can see more videos of Beau on his YouTube channel, and by following him on his Instagram account!

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