These Two Bears Woke Up Early From Hibernation To Snow. When They See It? So Cute!

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Two brown bears at the Helsinki Zoo came out of hibernation early this year. Mother bear Sofia, 15, and her 10-year-old daughter Yulia, usually don’t come out of hibernation until the beginning of March. The zoo thinks that the mild winter weather could be a possible reason for the early wake-up.

I am sure these two bears weren’t expecting to wake up to a winter wonderland, but after seeing their reactions, I don’t think they mind it one bit! The first bear comes out of the den, and then the other comes out a few seconds later. One playfully runs all around in the snow, and at the 1:09 mark the other one comes running and tumbling down the hill in the cutest ways. These bears look so happy and seem to love the snow!

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