Rescue Polar Bears Haven’t Seen Snow In 15 Years, Then They Were Given The Surprise Of A Lifetime

In 2001, three polar bears named Kalluk, Tatqiq, and Chinook were found wandering a city alone when they were just little cubs. People searched for their mother, but she was nowhere in sight. The cubs were then rescued and brought to the San Diego Zoo, where they have been taken care of ever since.

Obviously it doesn’t snow much, if ever, in San Diego, so the bears never really got to grow up with snow. Thanks to donor who contributed to the zoo’s animal care wish list, these bears finally got to experience what they’ve been missing out on.

26 tons of snow was delivered to the bears, and they didn’t hesitate to jump right in. They rolled around in it, slid down it, dug in it, and even wrestled in it. This is adorable, and makes me so happy to watch. Watch for yourself in the video below:

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