Beachgoers Were Hanging Out At Lake Tahoe. But They Never Expected To See Bears In The Lake!

A family of bears was spotted taking a dip in the waters of Lake Tahoe, California. A woman on the beach who unexpectedly saw the bears splashing around in the water, immediately took out her camera and started filming. It appears to be a mama bear with her two cubs, and it’s obvious that they love the water! Beachgoers and kayakers observed from a distance at this strange, yet awesome sight.

Once the bears had enough of the water, they came back onto the beach and sniffed around before finally going back into the woods. It’s not every day that you see a family of bears taking a swim, especially at the beach! Lucky for us, this happening was caught on tape so we get to witness it for ourselves. Of course it’s not as great as if we were there in person, but it’ll do! Watch the bears enjoying their refreshing dip in the lake in the video below:

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