She Tries Weighing Her Bearded Dragon, But Then Her Kitten Does THIS And Messes Everything Up!

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This woman was trying to weigh her bearded dragon. She put a container on a little scale and placed the bearded dragon in it. Sounds easy enough, right? Wrong! The bearded dragon’s kitty brother had other things in mind. He comes along and gets into the container as well.

Not only that, but he thinks it’s the perfect time for a cuddle session! At first he’s lying completely on top of the bearded dragon, until he moves out from under him of course. Then the kitty wraps his arms around him, nuzzles his face against him and tries to get comfy. The kitten loves snuggle time with his dragon buddy, but the dragon feels otherwise. A little bit later, he makes his way out of the container. The kitty still tries to play with him, and doesn’t quite understand why he doesn’t want to cuddle! I guess we’ll never know how much the dragon weighs!

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