Good Samaritans Bring Three-Legged Dog Back Home After He Was Lost for 6 Months

A missing three-legged dog brought people together across more than 600 miles, six months after he initially went missing.

Harrison Sibley lives in Louisiana with his best friend, Bear, a German Shepherd mix who lost a front leg. They have been together for years, sharing a lot of memories together and a love for the outdoors.

Bear’s Disappearance after Hurricane Ida

In 2021, to avoid the onslaught of Hurricane Ida, Harrison went to Tennessee with Bear to stay in a friend’s house. Unfamiliar with his surroundings and gravely affected by the tension over the Category 4 Atlantic storm, Bear was feeling agitated, in spite of Harrison’s efforts to calm him.

While hiking together, Bear suddenly ran away, and Harrison could not locate him. Searching for his tripod dog in vain, Harrison had to return home without his best friend. Bear rarely occasionally from seizures, so Harrison remained anxious about his being alone hundreds of miles away from him.

Harrison was so distraught that he wrote on the Facebook Group that he created for Bear, “The pain of losing him was the worst thing I have ever gone through, and I would rather get hit by a truck than lose him. So if you see my baby, please bring him home to me.”

“Bring Bear Home” Brings Out the Best in Everybody

Many responded to Harrison’s appeal, joining his Facebook group so they could work together in finding Bear, despite the great distance. Harrison would also travel back to Tennessee to search for his missing dog, who had now been gone for months.

Then, suddenly, people started to spot a three-legged dog in their area. Bear was also caught on a security camera that is owned by a couple named Craig and Rebecca. Another friendly individual, Jimi Holscher, also helped by searching the site with his drone.

At last, they were able to pinpoint Bear’s whereabouts. But the dog had been on its own for so long that it was even scared of its owner. But Harrison refused to lose hope, especially now that he knew his best friend was still alive.

It was Rebecca and Craig who succeeded in catching Bear with the use of a humane trap in Wears Valley, at the property of Kumok Mann, who also lent a hand. And even though it was early in the morning, Harrison drove all the way to Tennessee to be with his best buddy.

The reunion between the two was so heartwarming that people lauded their picture together.

Harrison and his family also profusely thanked everyone for all the support and words of encouragement they received during the trying period.

As for Bear, he too was so overwhelmed by emotion upon seeing his family again. Loving Samaritans have led him back home.

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