A Bear Is Scared Away By An Animal You Wouldn’t Think Of…

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Bears are known as one of the most dangerous predators on the planet. (Not to mention one of the most terrifying!) Humans have attempted to befriend bears or get close enough to see what they are like with dire results. However, it seems like this cat has a thing or two on the Grizzly Bear if you ask me!

This brave, little feline isn’t afraid of the giant bear safely on the other side of the door. Instead, she’s ready to stand her ground and protect her home from this unwanted intruder! The reaction from the bear when it sees the cat is priceless. Who a know a bear could get spooked by a creature not even an eighth of his size.

It truly is remarkable to discover that it’s not the size of the dog, in this case cat in the fight. It truly is the size of the fight in the cat!

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