They Were Confined To Cages To Entertain Tourists. Now They’re Enjoying Freedom In The Best Way

These bears were rescued from a life in tiny cages where they were kept to entertain tourists. Now they are safe and reside at the Bear Sanctuary Pristhina in Austria where they are finally free. Now that it’s winter, the bears are greatly enjoying their freedom in the snow. Staff made them snowball popsicles full of fruit, which is like a puzzle for them to get out of the snow.

Aside from eating the fruit from the snow, they also enjoy rolling around in it like they’re making snow angels. The cold, soft snow against their fur is a huge difference from the hard, metal cages that they’re used to being confined to. Thankfully these bears are now safe and never have to worry about suffering for human entertainment ever again. Watch their journey and see how happy they are in their new life in the video below:

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