One Morning A Garbage Truck Drove By. When Firefighters Looked Closer At The Top… Unbelievable!

In the rare case that you see a bear, you’d normally spot one walking around through the woods, or even near a campsite. But it isn’t every day that you see a bear riding a garbage truck. Yes, you read that right. Firefighters near Los Alamos, New Mexico, spotted a hungry bear on top of a garbage truck, in search of food. It’s unknown how the bear managed to climb on top of the truck, or if it tried to get down, but what a sight it was! The driver of the truck slowly pulled over next to a tree so that the bear could go back into the wild where it belongs. We’re not sure how much food the bear was able to snag before getting caught, but his plan seemed to work while it lasted!

Luckily, it was all caught on video by other firefighters. Caleb Johnson of La Cueva VFD Sandoval County District 5 and some fellow volunteer firefighters were washing their engine when the bear popped out of the top of a passing garbage truck. They immediately snapped pictures and captured video of the bear’s ride. You can see for yourself in the video below:

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