They Did A Walk-Through At A Shelter. When They Saw This Hurt Fluffball, They Knew They Had To Help

Vet Ranch staff was doing a walk-through of their local shelter when they came across this tiny, adorable fluffball. He had just been picked up and taken in by the shelter, and had a broken leg that was just dangling there.

Vet Ranch took him in to get him the help he needed as soon as possible before his leg got worse. They x-rayed his leg, and found out that his tibia was broken into three different pieces. They brought him into surgery to get an external fixator put on his leg. After surgery he was sent to stay with a foster while he recovered. He then got neutered and got his external hardware off when he was better.

He healed great and now he’s doing very well, running around as if his leg was never broken! The best news? He was adopted! He was named Teddy Bear, which is extremely fitting since he looks like a little fluffy bear!

Check him out in the video below:

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