This Rescued Bear Lifts Up Her Paw, At :27 Watch Where She Puts It.

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There are millions of animals in the world who are abandoned, neglected, abused, and kept in captivity when they shouldn’t be. It’s really heart breaking to see and hear about all of these horror stories, but it’s also heart-warming to hear about the stories that have happy endings. There are plenty of rescue organizations out there who work hard to make these happy endings possible.

One of them is Four Paws International, an animal welfare charity that was founded in 1988 in Austria. Their goal and mission is to help animals—who are abused due to economic, scientific or other reasons—to their rights. This video shows countless animals that they have rescued in the past. It shows them happy, being well taken care of, and having other animals to love and be friends with. THIS is the way that animals’ lives should be!

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