These Two Bear Cubs May Have Lost Their Families, But Fate Brought Them Together

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These two baby bear cubs, named Blue and Bearzilla, are the best of friends. Rescuers found them all alone after they had just lost their mothers. Now, they’re growing up together and have become inseparable. Whether it’s eating, playing with toys, or taking a nap in the hammock, they are always doing it together. They never leave each other’s side; but isn’t that what best friends are for?! Watch how adorable they are together in the video below:

Seeing Blue now, you’d never know what he has gone through. When he was younger, he was unable to walk due to spinal problems but after months of rehab, he finally got the hang of it. Watch him learning to walk in the video below:

To help support their ongoing care, click here to visit their gift page at Free the Bears Fund. It’s that simple to make a difference!

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