The Beagle is known for being both a hunting dog as well as a family pet. His alertness and intelligence makes it certain that not much gets past this dog breed. The Beagle loves a good hunt and is obedient for his owner. Another positive trait of the Beagle is his upbeat personality. With a great disposition, it is no wonder that this breed is a favorite for families as well as those who use the Beagle for hunts.

Beagles stand approximately 15 inches tall to the shoulder or less. This breed has various coat colors, including black, brown, white and others.

In the past centuries, Beagles were popular for hunters who needed a dog to hunt small game or track larger animals. Today, Beagles are often found in the home with family serving primarily as companions. The Beagle is happy to stay close to his family. With that said, this hunting dog by nature loves a good run and time outside. Those who have a Beagle in their home should ensure daily walks and plenty of play time outside, preferably with a family member for company.

Grooming the Beagle is not difficult for the most part. Their short coat needs occasional brushing and professional grooming may be an option for some, but not a necessity due to the ease of care which the Beagle coat offers. In order to get the mischievousness out of the Beagle, play time, either indoors or out, should do the trick just fine.

Whether you have a large home or smaller apartment, the Beagle will acclimate perfectly within the home. As this breed is used to hunting with other dogs, most Beagles will find good company with other dogs in the home. Children are also excellent companions for the Beagle and vice versa.

Bringing a Beagle into your home will provide you with many years of laughter and love with this dog breed by your side.

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