Dog Sees Her Military Dad Waiting For Him On The Couch, Then Continuously Howls In Excitement

Erique Diggs serves in the Air Force and when he’s away on deployment, not only does he have his wife and kids at home missing him, but he also has his furry best friend.

It’s always hard to leave our furbabies for long periods of time, especially since they have no understanding of where we are. I always feel sad when I leave my dog, and I worry that he’ll think I’m never coming back.

Erique Diggs

Erique Diggs

When Diggs came back home, his Beagle/Bassett mix is beyond thrilled to see him. Diggs sits down on the couch, and his pup runs full-speed to him. She immediately starts screeching and howling in excitement and cannot even contain herself.

He then gets off the couch and sits on the floor so she can be closer to him. She crawls right onto his lap, still howling, and then lays on her back for some much-needed belly rubs. It’s obvious that she’s very happy to have her human back home with her!

Sadly, this sweet pup has passed away in late February. But the Diggs’ had a good, long life with her and I’m sure the pup enjoyed her life with them as well.

Watch their reunion in the video below:

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