Beagle Plucks Flower from Grandma’s Garden and Charms His Way Out of Trouble

Dogs are known as troublemakers, especially when they get excited and playful. They share a personality where they cause trouble and show the cutest face to distract their owner. No matter how annoying, their trick actually works! It’s hard to resist the infamous puppy face, especially if it’s too adorable. Dogs can feel when their owners are angry, and they sure have mastered the art of charming humans. However cute, pet owners must still take responsibility to discipline them the proper way. Training dogs about good manners will help prevent accidents outside or with guests at home.

Aside from being cute, dogs can make you laugh with their antics to avoid scolding. A Beagle has been going viral on Instagram for being the cutest troublemaker these days. Simba was caught by his human grandma plucking flowers from her garden. Grandmothers take their gardens seriously, and it takes effort to grow flowers beautifully. The grandma was eyeing Simba from the doorway, holding the flower the dog plucked. Simba stayed in front of the door, trying his best to appease the angry grandmother. It looks like the grandma was immune to Simba’s worried face — making the video even funnier.

Simba expected that his grandmother would let him get away with it, as written in the caption: “The face I make after causing a ruckus in my grandma’s garden. No matter how hard she tries, she can’t be angry at me for more than 5 seconds because of how my face looks.” The short clip did not show the grandmother’s change in mood, but she still loves their family beagle. Instagram users filled the comment section with laughing emoticons — Simba was a joy to be shared. Due to its funny and relatable content, the Instagram reel has reached 265k views and over two hundred thousand likes.

The video was uploaded on Simba’s Instagram page — which you can follow at @pawsumsimba. Simba has been making his 15k followers laugh and smile since the account was created. There is no denying that the beagle is a total charmer — a well-loved family member. Watch more videos from his Instagram page and share a laugh with your friends.

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