Firefighters Were Surveying The Damage After A Hurricane, Then Heard Crying From A Nearby Truck

Hurricane Matthew hit the states hard and forced thousands of people to evacuate their homes before the horrible flooding began. Sadly, many people left pets behind to fend for themselves. While some didn’t make it, others were surviving on their last leg.

When firefighters were out surveying the damage in North Carolina after the hurricane, they heard cries coming from a truck. That’s when they noticed the black water around it and a scared baby Beagle on top of the truck.

When they got closer, they noticed something even worse. The puppy wasn’t alone. There was a whole family of puppies trapped in crates, alone and terrified. Thank goodness these firefighters found them, because they wouldn’t have survived much longer without food or water!

It’s unknown why these puppies were left behind or by whom, but we do know that they are now safe and warm! Watch their rescue in the video below:

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