Have Fun With Your Pet, Follow These Simple Steps, And Avoid Summer’s Hidden Dangers

Dogs like having fun at the beach. So do their humans. And what’s more enjoyable than a day of sand and surf? One that’s free of hidden dangers that could ruin your fun in the sun fast.

There are precautions you should be taking on the shore, in the sand, and in the water when you bring your furry friend along to the beach. That doesn’t mean just checking the area for bottle caps and cleaning up poop, either. And even after the blankets are packed up, you’ll want to make sure your pup is cleaned off or you could be bringing some uninvited guests along with you.

If you want to make the most of your trip to the beach, keep this list in mind and you’ll breeze through the dog days of summer without breaking a sweat!


5. Dog Friendly

You may not be able to predict what will happen when you get there, but a little research goes a long way when choosing a beach you and your dog can enjoy. Dogs are prohibited at some beaches, so consult the county or state website to narrow down your choices.

If you can’t find the information you’re looking for and decide to head out anyway, expect to see signs along the beach with animal rules and guidelines.


4. Clean Scene

Of course, you’ll want to check for bottle caps and broken glass when you arrive. Shells, fishhooks, and bones are commonly found on some beaches. Sand has a habit of hiding things, however, and dogs are great diggers. So be vigilant. Don’t let your pup wander too far out of sight or nose around any place you’re unsure of.


Matthew Russell is a West Michigan native and with a background in journalism, data analysis, cartography and design thinking. He likes to learn new things and solve old problems whenever possible, and enjoys bicycling, going to the dog park, spending time with his daughter, and coffee.
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