He Was 19 Years Old, But Still Brought Hope And Companionship To Those During Their Final Days…

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A dog’s greatest gift to humans is the unconditional love and acceptance he offers. This very special dog is Baxter. At the time this video was recorded he was the oldest living service dog at 19 years old. His legacy is unforgettable. During his lifetime he provided comfort and companionship to people facing the end of their own lives; a time when the simple love of a canine companion was most welcomed and most needed.

Baxter was so old he was unable to walk, but that didn’t matter to the people he visited. Many of them were in no condition to walk either. Their hearts were still strong and open to love however, just like Baxter’s. His owner would bring him into their Hospice rooms in a little red wagon. If they wanted to see him, she would lift him up onto their beds for a visit. Baxter, being a gentle and loving soul would lay quietly with them allowing them to stroke his fur, cuddle with him and talk to him.

This video shows clearly how beautiful the relationship is between a great dog and the humans who needed him. Baxter has since passed but his legacy will live on in the work he did and the joy he gave everyone who knew him. Baxter passed away peacefully in October of 2009 at 19 1/2 years old.

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