BatDad Adopts Adorable Pit Bull to be his Robin

The awesome dad in the following video has created a hilarious alter-ego for himself that has launched him into internet stardom: BatDad! Blake Wilson is a father of four kiddos and two fur babies, one a Pit Bull named Sugar. The family was fostering Sugar… but decided to adopt her when the sweet Pit Bull changed their minds about the negative stigmas associated with the breed by winning their hearts!

Ready to hit the streets and keep the neighborhood safe from squirrels

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Easy to see how, right?

Today, the dynamic duo (Sugar is known as BatDog when they’re fighting crime) can be seen ensuring the kids are ready for school! Watch the video below to see Sugar interrupt BatDad’s line of questioning when she realizes she’s not being included!

School in the morning

Posted by Batdad on Sunday, January 10, 2016

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