Bark for Life of Aurora

The Aurora division of Bark for Life proudly raised $4,238.44 this year to donate to the American Cancer Society. Five teams and 33 total participants met at Phillip’s Park in the Parker Avenue Pavilion on July 14th in order to raise awareness and to help save lives.

The American Cancer Society Bark For Life sector was developed as a non-competitive walk event for canines to join their humans and walk to raise funds and awareness for ACS to help fight cancer. The relay of life is conducted by many schools or other organizations and dogs are not typically participants in those events.

Five sponsors helped make this event successful:

• Valley Animal Hospital
• Oswego Animal Hospital
• Stuart Dean
• Mack Entertainment
• Chick-fil-A

Thanks to their generosity and support the event raised more than $4,000. What a fabulous way to raise money for those individuals with cancer while spending a few hours exercising with your best favorite pal and getting to know others with the same dedication and enthusiasm. Check out their website for photos and more details about the event.

Melissa Stoneburner began writing about dogs two years ago. She is still an author on, Helium and Hubpages and works with Animal Rescue Foundation, Illinois as the Community Outreach Program Manager. Find Melissa on Facebook and Twitter.

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