Dog Is Amazed by Sound-Activated Lights and Barks Like He Has Magical Powers

With how advanced technology is developing these days, people often to encounter equipment or appliances that make daily life easier. These innovations already amaze humans — what more if presented to animals?

Dog owners love to show their fur babies various human stuff. For instance, facing the dog in front of a mirror and asking it, “who’s that good boy?” It’s exciting to see how dogs react to something unfamiliar and surprising for them.

You can find this kind of content on the internet — especially on content curation social media pages. On the Twitter page of We Rate Dogs, a video of an amused dog is getting a massive number of engagements. The video shows a dog named Kona barking at a sound-activated light. Kona barks non-stop because of his discovery, and he can’t seem to get enough of it.

We Rate Dogs tweeted the video with the caption, “This is Kona. He just discovered the sound-activated lights. Not sure what to do with his powers. 13/10.”

The dog with the powerful bark deserves the rate of 13/10. He did not just turn on the lights with his bark but also made the viewers smile. Kona’s clip was able to garner 1.1 million views, 283 replies, 8,049 retweets, and 63.1k likes. The tweet also received a lot of funny and witty comebacks — which also gained engagement. We Rate Dogs even replied to their tweet mentioning Stranger Things, a widely-known Netflix series, “@Stranger_Things what’s going on here?” Referencing the iconic Winona Ryder scene from the show’s season one.

Kona’s video was also posted on Instagram and has already gained thousands of likes. Comments are filled with tagged friends — mainly because Kona can easily brighten someone’s day. The people are just hoping that the dog with wizard-like powers uses his abilities responsibly. Whether Kona is a wizard or a Sci-Fi show character, his number one superpower is making people laugh and love dogs even more. You also have the power to share positivity and light with your loved ones by sharing this video.

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