Injured Pit Bull Was Rescued Off The Streets, Then Showed His Gratitude By Hugging His Rescuers

Hope For Paws, an animal rescue organization, received a call about an injured pit bull who was in need of rescuing. When they arrived at the scene, he was walking on someone’s driveway, right in the open.

They noticed that he was limping and would not use his front right paw, and knew he needed help as soon as possible. Hope For Paws volunteers Lisa Arturo and Loreta Frankonyte gently put out their hand and offered him a cheeseburger. He was clearly starving and gladly ate it without hesitation.

He even let them pet him and put their leash around him. Despite his injury and being a stray, he was still such a sweet dog and it was obvious that all he wanted was love and attention. They named him Banjo and lifted him into their car. One of the women, Dolores, was so happy and relieved that Banjo was now safe that she started to cry.

They drove Banjo to the hospital where he received immediate medical care for his injured paw. While he was there, they also neutered and vaccinated him and got him microchipped.

He recovered great and now he’s able to not only walk on his paw, but run too! Now all he needs is a forever home! If you’re interested in adopting Banjo, visit to apply.

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