A Dog and a Baby Are the Most Adorable Duo Playing in a Ball Pit

Dogs and babies provide some of the best content on the internet. Both are equally cute and help spread positivity online. Most times, they are the best buds — playing like siblings, and the dog takes care of the toddler like a parent. They can even be partners in crime in situations that lead to hysterical laughter. Spending childhood with a dog will always be full of memories you’ll take to heart as you grow old. Dogs are the sweetest and funniest companions for all ages.

Bentley is a famous TikTok dog who his human parents call “The Goldendoodle Puppy.” At first, he was the only baby in the house, until an actual baby came into their lives. As Tyler grows, he and Bentley continue to develop an adorable relationship. Bentley is Tyler’s friend, playmate, and protector. Their parents love to post videos of them having fun and building the greatest childhood memories for Tyler.

On Bentley’s Instagram page, minidoodlebentley, you’ll find dog and baby content that will instantly put a smile on your face. Bentley and Tyler will be the cutest duo you’ll ever follow on Instagram.

One of the funniest and most endearing posts you’ll find there is a video of the duo playing inside a ball pit. The caption is, “Life lessons from a dog and a baby.” It was indeed an excellent lesson that made their bond even cuter. In the video, Bentley played inside his ball pit until he realized that it would be much more fun if Tyler played with him. They were clearly enjoying the ball pit — everything’s even more fun when you share it with someone. The video has already reached a thousand likes, comments, and views. One Instagram user commented, “Bentley is the best big brother.” And yes, he is — even dogs know how to share.

Bentley clearly loves his little human. You’ll see a mixture of funny and heartwarming content on the Instagram page. Also, a video shows a montage of Bentley and Tyler’s bond for twelve months. It was like Bentley was also waiting for Tyler to get home, and he was beside the baby even when Tyler was still inside the womb. Everybody wants a big brother like Bentley; who wouldn’t, right?

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