Two Badgers Were Trapped In A Deep Hole. Thanks to These Skilled Rescuers, They’re Able To Go Home!

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These two young badger siblings fell into a big clay hole and weren’t successful at climbing out. You could tell that they tried to get out because there were claw marks all over the dirt walls, but they were unable to. Down there for hours, they were afraid and dug another hole in the wall to hide in. Wildlife Aid, a foundation that has been rescuing wildlife in the UK for over 30 years, was called and came to save the day.

Simon, one of Wildlife Aid’s rescuers climbed into the large hole to get these badgers out of their smaller hiding one. He managed to get the first one out and into the crate with no problem. Then he got the second one out and into the crate as well. Because they were probably very stressed, the best thing to do was to release them as fast as possible. So they carried the crate out of the hole, placed it down on the grass and opened the door to let both of the little guys back out into freedom!

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