Bad Kitty! Top 5 Devilish Cartoon Cats

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We all love our feline friends, but sometimes they get into a real mess of trouble. From scattered litter to ripped upholstery, kitties get their claws into anything they can find! Perhaps it’s the natural hunter in them to explore and prowl – or maybe cats like getting into their owners hair. Nevertheless, our real-life kitty companions hold no bar to the mischievous cartoon cats we watch on TV. And so, here are the top five devilish cartoon cats:

#5 Katz –  “Courage the Cowardly Dog”  



Known for his con-ways and deceptive British accent, Katz the cat also displays a massive hatred towards dogs –  especially Courage. When the show first introduced Katz, he was seen running a motel, where Courage and his owners, Muriel and Eustace, go for relaxation. When the pup is removed from the joint, he later reveals that the motel is actually a feeding ground for spiders. Katz tricks both Eustace and Muriel into staying the night, and it is up to Courage to save them from the stomach of the spiders. Katz is later seen in other establishments, like an island resort, a candy shop, and even a yacht. Trouble is sure to follow Courage any time he comes across this red feline and the “No Dogs Allowed” sign.

#4 Lucifer – “Disney’s Cinderella”  


This plump and overly spoiled kitty is the pet to Lady Tremaine, otherwise known as the wicked stepmother in “Cinderella.” If that isn’t enough of a tip-off to how naughty this kitty is, you might need to re-watch the classic Disney film to get a better perspective. Better yet, Lady Tremaine named her cat Lucifer for a reason. Firstly, this cat likes to get his way, so he decides to pick on the family dog Bruno in order to get him out of the kitchen. Bruno is scolded by Cinderella for “hurting” Lucifer and is sent away. Later on in the film, Lucifer tries to eat Gus, Cinderella’s mousey friend, and is forced to cough him up once Cinderella discovers this mean act. Lucifer is also boasting a dark coat with large, sharp teeth and claws; that devilish smirk only makes him more prone for trouble.

#3 Scratchy the Cat – “The Simpsons”


Having a much similar agenda to the famous Tom Cat from “Tom and Jerry,” Scratchy’s nature is more…violent. Chasing his rodent counterpart, Itchy, all day only results in one probable outcome: death. Yes, as a kid watching the Simpsons, some of you may remember Bart and Lisa watching “The Itchy and Scratchy Show” from time to time. On the cartoon-within-the-cartoon, Scratchy and Itchy hosted enough weaponry to make the military shake in their boots. Guns, axes, rockets – you name it, Itchy and Scratchy tried to destroy each other with it. Most of the time, Scratchy was the one to suffer, but his relentlessness was proven strong each time he came across that dastardly mouse.

#2 Tom –  “Tom and Jerry”  


While Tom has softened up over the past few years, his maniacal ways of catching Jerry is still his top priority. The classic Hanna-Barbera character chases Jerry Mouse around his owner’s abode all day and night, trying to one day capture the little guy. Tom and Jerry have had episodes where they got along, but they always go back to their cat-and-mouse games once Tom gets agitated by Jerry’s behavior. Jerry hosts a slew of traps for Tom, as well, like the old ironing board in the closet or a rake on the lawn. Comedic gold ensues as Tom gets the “slap stick” treatment every time an episode airs, but that never stops the crazy kitty from getting what he wants.

#1 Sylvester the Cat – “Looney Toons”  


If there were any patterns between all of these cartoon cats, it would be the following: relentless, devious, cunning, and coy. The one cat that actually seems to get away with his behavior somewhat of the time is Sylvester. While always devising a plan to getting Tweety Bird out of his cage, Sylvester tries again and again to outsmart the bird. Of course, Tweety’s blasé attitude doesn’t sit well with Sylvester, as every time he tries to get the bird, some act of nature prevents him from doing so. Nevertheless, this cute and lovable kitty only wants to take down the bird, much like his feline brethren and their respective animal nemeses. Suffering succotash!

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